Design @ WordPress.com

At WordPress.com, we place tremendous value on design and its process. We believe design is integral to creating a beautiful, open web. Here’s what we’ve been working on lately.

Redesigning WordPress.com

We’ve spent the past two years iterating on a redesign of WordPress.com, building it from the ground up. Designers at WordPress.com are reshaping everything from the post editor, to better notifications, to a cross-platform desktop application. With a new JavaScript-based architecture, WordPress.com is becoming leaner, faster, more portable, and much more powerful — and more beautiful.

We’re still hard at work on our redesign, and are continuously rolling out refreshes of our best features. Come help us make WordPress.com more beautiful, usable, and accessible.


WordPress powers over 26% of the internet. To increase that, we’re bridging the gap between WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress with the Jetpack plugin, which takes WordPress.com’s most powerful features and makes them available for all WordPress users. Our designers have taken dozens of moving parts and packaged them into one cohesive experience.

To keep growing, Jetpack needs to continue cultivating a strong design vision and presence. We’d love you to join us in crafting this vision for Jetpack and the open web.

I take pride in my craft. I ensure that everyone — regardless of ability or device — can use my designs. I routinely ask for feedback, even when it’s uncomfortable. I regularly watch people use my designs, because testing leads to clarity. I will never stop at “good enough.” —The WordPress.com Designer’s Creed

Designers at WordPress.com are embedded in each of our product teams. As a UI Designer, you provide the creative vision for your team — you are your team’s creative director. You have a lot of control over what you’re designing, and how you design it. Use the process and tools you want — the only requirement is open communication and collaboration.

You won’t just be a part of your product team — you’ll be a part of the larger community of Automattic designers. In our Slack channel, you’ll frequently find us asking for and giving feedback, supporting each other, and (only kind of) joking about using emoji in our css.

We’re also always learning from each other: every month we do a series called “Designer’s Ed,” where designers share their expertise in everything from interactive prototyping to user testing to accessibility, to JavaScript. We also encourage one another to attend conferences and buy books to further our knowledge.

Working at WordPress.com comes with some great perks. You can work with us from anywhere — everyone works from their own home or office, and we’re spread out all over the world. A couple times a year, we get together with our teams to work on projects in-person. Once a year, all of the designers also get together for our own mini-meetup.

Benefits are great — we have an open vacation policy, provide health, dental and vision for US and Canadian employees, offer a coworking allowance and a home office stipend, and provide all necessary hardware and software to get your job done.

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